A rural community in Malawi creates our rattan cane furniture by hand. The knowledge of wickerwork passes down from parents to children over generations.


We will make your rattan cane furniture to order. We welcome all orders large and small.


Rattan cane furniture is eco-friendly and sustainable. Our furniture is created in Malawi using a natural wild cane. No toxic chemicals are used in the process.


What makes our rattan furniture special, is that it's unique. Because every item is individually woven by hand, no two cane chairs or tables look identical once created.


Our luxury rattan furniture is made in Malawi, one of the poorest countries on Earth. Most people live in rural areas. Therefore, subsistence farming supports entire village communities. The cane palm grows wild in this small subtropical country. Villagers are able to harvest the cane plant the whole year-round. They then process it and weave it into wicker furniture. This supports whole villages economically and sustainably.


Our Mission is to provide Sustainable, Unique and Eco-Friendly Rattan Cane Garden Furniture of Excellent Quality and Fair Trade.